The Child Guardianship Selection Program minimizes the chances children end up in temporary foster care, should tragedy simultaneously befall their parents.


Developed for parents of younger children, the Child Guardianship Selection Program provides parents a comprehensive set of documents and instructions that will provide different types of care and guardianships for their children in various situations. These documents give guidance to others so that your children may grow strong - both mentally and physically - should you be unavailable to them.


The CGSP includes step-by-step instructions for caregivers in the event of an emergency. It also includes documents naming a Stand-By Guardian, Temporary Guardian, Power of Attorney, as well as the ability to name those you specifically do NOT want to care for your child(ren). Parents can include all of their children's medical, educational and personal information in an easily accessible format.


Ultimately, the Child Guardian Selection Program provides parents the opportunity to continue protecting their children, no matter what happens.



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