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For most people, an online service isn’t going to ask the right questions and provide you with a legal document that effectively meets your needs. Sivia Law created our online forms to help negate that dilemma. Since we are a law firm, all the legal documents created online go through our attorneys and we are right here anytime something should pop up or go wrong.

An attorney is going to ask more questions and will consider consequences that a legal creator can’t. This makes our legal documents a safer alternative to some other online sites.

Legal Documents start at $69. Get started now. It’s simple.

Our Process →

  • Select & Complete One of the Legal Forms Above
  • We Draft & File the Document for you
  • An Attorney will Carefully Review for Accuracy
  • Your Document is Provided to You Electronically

When legal issues arise, it can be scary and confusing. After completion of your online legal document, we are here to answer any questions or provide you with additional services. Call our office: 618.659.4499 to set-up an in person consultation with one of our expert attorneys. They can help navigate you through any legal process or find you the appropriate resources. You are not alone. The legal team at Sivia Law is here for you.

When should I choose an in person consultation over online legal documents?

While we provide safe & effective legal forms online, sometimes that is not the proper solution. It’s advisable to meet & discuss in-depth certain issues with an attorney. Some of the situations where that is most advisable:

  • Tailor-Made Estate Planning
  • Business Dissolution
  • Guardianship or Special Needs Planning
  • If you possess assets over $100,000
  • If you are ever unsure
“It’s my hopes to offer you the convenience of creating legal documents online, but to also offer you the safety of having those documents handled by an actual attorney.”

Todd Sivia