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Our convenient deed forms allow for a quick & painless transition of property. When do you need a new deed?

  • To transfer property to family or business
  • To fund your living trust
  • To add or remove a name from the title

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We will need a copy of the current deed to make sure the legal description and other information is accurate. Don’t have a copy of your current deed? Contact the county clerk’s office where your deed was recorded. We will hold off on drafting the deed but retain your information. Once we get that copy, we will jump on the drafting process.

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Not sure what deed form to use? Here’s some information about the different types of deeds.

  • Warranty Deed - a deed that guarantees a clear title to the buyer of real property
  • Quit-Claim Deed - a deed that transfers ownership of real estate from one person to another and only grants the interest that transferor has at the time. (may be subject to liens)
  • Trustee Deed - a deed where property is transferred to or from a trustee, which holds it.
  • Executor Deed - a deed used to transfer property from the estate of a deceased person to an heir pursuant to the terms of a will. Will require additional purchase of an affidavit of heirship.

Still not sure? Choose ‘Other’ and we’ll review the information you submitted on the deed form and decide which deed structure is best for you.

Is the title the same as a deed on a house?

Title is the legal way of saying you own a right to something. Deeds are the legal documents that transfer title from one person to another. It must be a written document. So, no. Title and deed are not the same thing.

After completion of your deed form, we are here to answer any questions or provide you with additional services. Call our office: 618.659.4499 to set-up an in person consultation with one of our expert attorneys.