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Our attorneys are also gun owners so we understand the Second Amendment challenges you face. The Gun Owners Protection Plan ensures gun owners never face the legal ambiguity of the FCCA alone. We hope you never need our services, but now you can have the peace of mind that we'll be there if you need us. Just choose a plan and click get started. Currently serving clients in Illinois and Missouri only.

Membership Card with Emergency 1-800-Number

24/7 Access to an Attorney

Onsite Attorney Visit, Should Incident Occur*

Discount on Personalized Gun Trust

Referral to Attorney Network, If Necessary

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The Gun Owners Protection Plan Provides Peace of Mind

You do not have to face the ambiguity of the FCCA alone.

The attorneys at Sivia Law are NRA members and gun owners, too. We understand the challenges and the potential legal liability you could face.

According to Second Call Defense, there are 1.5 million defensive gun incidents each year. Sure, you have the legal right to protect yourself from immediate threat of harm, but who will protect you once you have protected yourself?

In order to protect gun owners’ rights, Sivia Law created the Gun Owners Protection Plan. Our attorneys are also gun owners so we understand the Second Amendment challenges you face.

Don’t be a test case. Let Sivia Law protect you, your family and your guns.

What’s included in our Gun Owners Protection Plan?

  • Membership Wallet Card includes a 1-800 number and attorney contact info
  • Attorney available to you 24/7
  • Attorney will meet you immediately, should an incident occur
  • Onsite visit will be billed at regular hourly fee ($250/per hr.)
  • NO additional charges for any after hours call
  • Annual training workshop provided by a NRA-licensed instructor
  • 10% discount on gun trust
  • Refer to network attorney, if necessary
  • Periodic updates to FCCA legislation, as it occurs

Some Facts:

  • ATF estimates 267 million firearms in the U.S.
  • 90 million homes contain at least 1 firearm
  • There are 20 million permit holders in the U.S.
  • Lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with other self-defensive
  • strategies
  • CDC found no evidence that right-to-carry laws increased gun violence

Are you ready to sign up for our Gun Owners Protection Plan?

Simply choose a one or two year membership plan, fill out our online form, submit payment and we will send over your welcome packet! Should you ever need us, call the number listed on your custom card. One of our expert attorneys will counsel you, should you ever disarm your firearm.

Another bonus: Membership in our Gun Owners Protection Plan means you will also receive 10% off our Gun Trusts. Gun Trusts are handled in house and will require an initial consultation with one of our attorneys. If that’s something you’d like to get started, please call: 618.659.4499 or email us at