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Are you needing a prenuptial agreement? Use our convenient prenuptial agreement forms and get everything squared away online.

What’s a prenuptial agreement (prenup)?

A prenup occurs when a couple is about to be married, but one or both of the spouses has assets that they wish to protect in the event that the two parties decide to separate/divorce. The prenuptial agreement is signed BEFORE the marriage occurs and is a basic outlines the assets that need to be protected.

Considering the convenience of preparing your prenuptial agreement forms online with us? Review some marriage statistics:

  • 63% of divorce attorneys say that they have seen an increase in prenuptial agreements in the last three years.
  • 46% of divorce attorneys noted in a recent survey that they’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of women who have initiated the requests for a prenup.
  • 15% of people who have been through a divorce regret not having a prenuptial agreement in place.
  • 44% of singles believe that having a prenup is a good idea before entering into a marriage.
  • The three top reasons why a prenuptial agreement is put into place is to provide protection of separate property, alimony/spousal maintenance, and the division of property.
  • A well-drafted prenup can ‘override’ both Community Property law and Equitable Distribution State law.

Is there a valid argument in saying that a couple who gets a prenuptial agreement is expecting a divorce to occur and so they won’t try to work through a marriage? Not really. A prenuptial agreement is more about protecting oneself against the worst case scenario. Far too many times there have been instances where the wealthier half of a married couple before a marriage occurs comes out of a divorce living below the poverty line. If there are important assets that someone has, a prenup makes sense to put into place.

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