Estate Planning Info


Working closely with you, our attorneys will create your personalized financial map, which may include components of personal finance, tax, medical, and business succession planning. We specialize in asset protection, and this goes beyond simple document drafting.


An IRA Trust is a stand-alone trust that becomes the main beneficiary of an IRA. Since the trust is the beneficiary, the IRA owner can specify how the IRA is distributed. Essentially, it prevents beneficiaries from immediately cashing out the IRA and how much can be withdrawn each year by each named beneficiary. Sivia Law is one of the only firms in the Metro East providing this tool at a reasonable cost. Click here to learn more.


Elder law involves areas of practice including Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, long-term care insurance, wills, trusts, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, reverse mortgages and other real estate matters. At Sivia Law, we are devoted to providing seniors with the highest level of representation with regard to Elder Law issues.


As with any legal process, many technical aspects and complexities can occur in the probate process. If you are involved in the probate of an estate as an executor or in some other capacity, it is crucial that you have the legal guidance of an experienced probate attorney. Our firm is fully versed in Illinois and Missouri probate laws and in the court system that handles these matters. We can provide the skilled and knowledgeable legal assistance needed for any probate administration, probate disputes, or probate litigation matter.


We can assist you and your family with professional, high quality estate administration assistance. Our attorneys will guide you through presentation and approval of the will, if there is one, as well as the notification of creditors and heirs. We prepare all legal documents required by the court and appear in every court proceeding. If there is estate litigation, our firm carefully prepares the case to prevent successful court challenges to the management of the estate. Our attorneys guide the executor, or administrator, in preparation of the inventory of estate assets, review of creditor claims, preparation of tax returns and final petition for distribution of assets.


We have all witnessed the media frenzy that occurs when culpability is questioned after an incident involving a firearm. Unfortunately, the Illinois Federal Conceal Carry Act is vague with regards to liability. So to protect gun owners’ rights, we created the Gun Owner’s Protection Plan.


Whether it was passed down to you from your great-grandfather or your new Smith & Wesson, you want to keep your investment protected. A gun trust is a way to secure your gun for the future and future generations.

We know planning for the future of an individual with special needs requires in-depth knowledge of the federal laws as they pertain to government benefit eligibility and legal documents such as special needs trusts. Attorney Ashley Day will guide you through the planning process and work with you throughout the transition process.